Delivering digital trading infrastructure and online dispute resolution for consumers as means to improve international trade and electronic commerce

This technical cooperation project aims to enhance consumer trust and protection in digital markets.

The project will serve as a pilot to assist in implementing online dispute resolution systems for consumers in Indonesia and Thailand using blockchain and other new technologies.

The main project stakeholders are government officials of beneficiary countries. Businesses and consumers are indirect beneficiaries of the project.

The project will deliver research and analysis, technical assistance, and policy recommendations on how to best implement online dispute resolution for consumers.

It will also build capacities of government officials on policy and technological aspects of online dispute resolution for consumers.




  1. Providing an updated picture of current consumer online dispute resolution systems globally, identifying best practices and lessons learnt.
  2. Defining technical and infrastructure requirements of partner countries to develop ODR systems, including new technologies like block chain and AI.
  3. Building capacities in national consumer protection agencies, consumer groups and business associations on consumer ODR.
  4. Building consensus among partners on the modalities for delivering ODR and potential cost/efficiency improvement on trade among partner countries.

Project Code



China Silk Road Group


Indonesia and Thailand




$ 2,500,000


Mr. Arnau Izaguerri




Competition and consumer protection