Stepping up women's economic empowerment through Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Stepping up women's economic empowerment through Voluntary Sustainability Standards
08 March 2022
14:00 - 15:30 hrs.

To celebrate the International Women´s Day, the UNCTAD VSS team will leverage this special day to promote Women´s Economic Empowerment (WEE) especially in the agricultural sector in developing countries. The agricultural sector is a very important sector in developing countries as it contributes directly and indirectly to the majority of the population´s livelihood.

Addressing WEE requires a combination of interventions aimed directly at increasing women´s access and control over economic resources. Thus, VSS team will be presenting its forthcoming study and recommendations to facilitate VSS uptake with gender considerations in this webinar which will be discussed by invited experts and practitioners. Through this webinar, VSS team aims to grasp the effects of WEE through knowledge exchange and best practices on the ground, particularly on three key touchpoints:

  1. VSS to facilitate better women employment conditions and training infrastructures,
  2. VSS to facilitate women´s access to credit for financial and agricultural inputs,
  3. VSS to facilitate women´s decision-making power.

Key Speakers:

  • Mercedes Araoz Fernandez, Former Vice-President of Peru and Co-Chair of the UNFSS Academic Advisory Council
  • Ambassador Chad Blackman, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Barbados to the United Nations in Geneva, IGC Global board and Gender Champion
  • Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba, UNCTAD
  • Niematallah E.A Elamin, UNCTAD
  • Siti Rubiah Lambert, Sustainability Expert
  • Amrita Bahri, Associate Professor of International Trade Law at ITAM and Co-Chair Professor for WTO Chair Program (Mexico)
  • Kezy Mukiri, Executive Director at Ignite Trade Africa
  • Suhasini Singh, FairWear India Country Manager


04 Mar 2022
International Gender Champions

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