Training for female researchers and entrepreneurs on the Bio-Circular-Green Economic (BCG) Model

06 - 13 August 2023
Thailand Science Research and Innovation
, Thailand

Female researchers and entrepreneurs can make a major contribution to sustainable development by mobilizing science, technology and innovation (STI). However, they often face barriers which hinder their efforts to take a proactive role in their countries’ achievement of sustainable production and consumption. In particular, many developing countries are in need of capacity building to improve their knowledge base and ability to put STI developments into action.

The Government of Thailand has developed the Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model (BCG Model) as a new economic model for inclusive and sustainable growth. The BCG model employs technology and innovation to add value to an economy while conforming with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP).

Seventeen female researchers and entrepreneurs from nine countries will be hosted in Bangkok to receive training to apply the BCG Model. Combining lectures and interactive discussions with field visits to successful Thai companies implementing the BCG Model, the training aims to provide a platform for female researchers and entrepreneurs to learn from Thailand’s expertise, to share best practices in technology and innovation for BCG growth, and to network.

The programme is expected to promote inclusive and sustainable development in participating countries by building female researchers’ and entrepreneurs’ capacity in developing and using science, technology and innovation to develop businesses, products, institutions, and public policies.

Thailand Science Research and Innovation
Sponsor / funding:
Thailand Government

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