Civil society demand UNCTAD mandate be maintained

18 April 2012

​Pointing to the turmoil provoked by the global financial and economic crisis and its continuing catastrophic effects on peoples and economies, civil society organizations present at UNCTAD XIII issued a press release 17th April demanding that UNCTAD's mandate on development issues be maintained.

​UNCTAD was established to offer analysis and advice to countries on development issues related to trade, finance, technology and interrelated issues. 
The civil society organizations considered the attack being mounted on UNCTAD’s mandate by developed countries as directly linked to their refusal to acknowledge the historical fact that the global financial and economic crisis originated from the global North as a result of policies advanced by a narrow section of the elite in those countries. 
In the view of the civil society organizations, it is the policies that engendered the ongoing crisis and widespread human suffering that need to be urgently changed and not organizations such as UNCTAD that have been working towards alternatives.