UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) releases annual report 2023

05 June 2024

The report showcases the organization’s comprehensive efforts to address global challenges and harness trade as a driver for sustainable development.

Annual report 2023 cover

The annual report 2023 of UN Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is now available for download.

Themed “Trade: Unlocking sustainable strategies for people, planet and prosperity”, the report outlines how UNCTAD adapted to deliver for its 195 member states amid the evolving global challenges of 2023.

While some economies navigated a soft landing, many developing countries continued to suffer disproportionately from weak growth of trade and investment, growing debt burdens, supply chain disruptions, and the ongoing climate crisis.

Led by Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan, UN Trade and Development redoubled its efforts to advocate for developing economies on the world stage, while continuing to advance its three pillars of work in the fields of research and analysis, consensus building, and technical cooperation.

“As we approach our 60th anniversary in 2024 and UNCTAD16 [quadrennial conference] in 2025, we are re-energized and more determined than ever to advance trade and development for all,” Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan said in the foreword.

“The path ahead remains perilous, but we find hope in our work, our partnerships, and our commitment to our mandate.”

In 2023, UNCTAD led 219 impact-driven projects in 74 countries, produced more than 140 publications, and held 245 intergovernmental meetings. It contributed to essential reforms of the international financial architecture and provided thought leadership in global policy arenas concerning trade, investment and technology.

UNCTAD also ensured that a gender perspective was included in its wide-ranging mandate, aiming to dismantle the barriers that women face in trade and promoting fairer and more inclusive development benefits.