UNCTAD S-G meets with civil society representatives

28 September 2012

Representatives of non-governmental and civil society organizations active in the field of trade and development met with UNCTAD Secretary-General Supachai Panitchpakdi yesterday and expressed support for the implementation of the UNCTAD work programme emanating from the mandates of the UNCTAD XIII conference in Doha, Qatar in April of this year.

In response, Dr. Supachai shared with them these thoughts:

  • The advocacy work of civil society was critical to the success of UNCTAD XIII and the Civil Society Declaration that was issued in Doha was both forceful and substantive.

  • Multi-stakeholder participation needs to include NGOs.

  • Research and analysis on key topical issues are of great importance and UNCTAD received a strong mandate at UNCTAD XIII.

  • Reform of global economic governance is a defining issue in the period leading up to the next conference (UNCTAD XIV) in 2016.

  • The South needs to be given more say, but also to take more responsibility.

  • Policy advice, including from international organizations, may, for example, avert losses of trillions of dollars in losses, but that such advice is not always considered a measurable deliverable and is therefore not supported by some donors.

  • Global value chains need to be looked at from the point of view of how a country can develop its own local industry, create employment, and diversify; there is also merit countries allowing more imports as they expand their exports.

  • The quality of investments is important; countries need to have their own national strategy for investment.

  • Prejudice that still exists against unconventional thinking and in favour of orthodox approaches.

  • Next year could see an even worse downturn, because of both inaction and the enactment of inappropriate policies; growth via stimulus packages is unsustainable.

  • It is crucial to build up a correct understanding of the state of the world economy.

UNCTAD S-G with civil society
UNCTAD S-G meets with civil society representatives