Online Training

UNCTAD offers various online courses on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) as well as face to face training tailored to different audiences including government officials, researchers, traders, and the public in general.

Government officials could benefit from executive courses where we highlight the need of identifying regulations containing NTMs which are essential for lawmaking and negotiations, and how UNCTAD could support governments in various activities related to NTMs such as enhancing transparency, building a comprehensive database, and technical support.

Researchers might build deep analysis of NTMs and their impacts on trade in particular regions/sectors based on the knowledge from our executive course or analysis course on NTMs.

Traders are provided with practical knowledge on the requirements they should face when exporting/importing from certain markets, as well as a comprehensive list of sources where they could check those requirements in more detail.

Online Training Courses

NTMs and Data Collection


The objective of the course on Non-tariff Measures and Data Collection is to increase the understanding of the International Classification of NTMs and the collection of NTM data.

The course is structured as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to NTMs and data collection

Module 2A and 2B: Classification of NTMs

Module 3: Product classification

Module 4: Guidelines for the collection of data on official NTMs

Please note that in order to successfully complete course activities, participants should plan to dedicate at least 10 hours per week throughout the duration of the seven-week course.


The course targets two specialized audiences:

  • Data collectors directly working with NTMs.

  • Government officials, researchers and representatives of the private sector who want to strengthen their understanding of NTMs, use NTM data, and/or who are or may be involved in the design or negotiation of policies related to NTMs.

Course Prerequisites:

Candidates must hold a Master's Degree in Economics, Law,International Relations or related fields. Applications may also be accepted from students enrolled in such programmes who hold a Bachelor's degree in one of these fields. Excellent knowledge of English and familiarity with government/ministry structures responsible for setting regulations is also required.

Grading and Certificate:

In order to pass, participants must receive an average grade of at least 70 per cent in the quizzes of each module. An "UNCTAD Certified Non-Tariff Measure Data Collector" certificate will be awarded to participants who have successfully completed the course.

Economic Analysis of NTMs


The objective of the course on Economic Analysis of Non-Tariff Measures is to provide participants with the empirical tools needed to assess the impact of NTMs on trade and welfare. A hands-on technical course, the emphasis will be on the manipulation of data and the use of econometric tools.

Impact assessment of different NTMs is indispensable for the formulation of a consistent and pro-sustainable-development trade policy. NTMs, including regulations such as product quality and safety requirements, have been playing an increasing role in international trade because of the reduction in tariffs, and growing consumer concerns about food safety and quality, and environmental protection.


The course targets researchers from universities, research centres, and governmental and non-governmental institutions in developing and transition countries involved in the research and teaching of international trade and trade policy, interested in enhancing their quantitative skills and conducting policy-relevant research on NTMs as they relate to their countries.

Qualified women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. The number of participants is limited in order to ensure appropriate support throughout the course.

Course Prerequisites:

Applicants must hold a Master's degree in Economics or Econometrics; or a Master's degree in Statistics or Finance, with a Bachelor's degree in Economics or Econometrics. Knowledge of the statistical software STATA and excellent English skills are also required.

Grading and certificate:

Participants will receive the course materials and other relevant literature on CD/DVD free of charge.

Participants with passing grades in the course will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Executive Online Course on Non-Tariff Measures


The executive online course on NTMs is an easy, concise but comprehensive introductory course. It serves as a starting point of obtaining knowledge of NTMs and offers an overview of UNCTAD’s work on this topic. Through the course, audience will be able to understand (1) what NTMs are and why they are important, (2) the effects of NTMs and their linkages with SDGs, (3) how UNCTAD works on NTMs and (4) how UNCTAD can provide value to the audience.  


Targeted audience is policymakers and researchers such as senior government officials, NTM focal points and trade researchers. 


The executive online course on NTMs will be ready to roll out from August 2019. Internet connection is required as the multimedia lecture and assessment test are run entirely from the course website.  

Grading and certificate

A certificate will be issued to participants upon their completion of the multimedia lecture and course evaluation, as well as their success in the assessment test at the end of the course.  

Topics covered

  1. NTMs and Data collection

    Aimed at increasing the understanding of the International Classification of NTMs and the collection of NTM data.

    We also offer another version on collecting regulations containing NTMs to government officials.
  2. Economic Analysis of NTMs

    Aimed at providing participants with the empirical tools needed to assess the impact of NTMs on trade and welfare, and focusing on the manipulation of data and the use of econometric tools.
  3. Introductory course on NTMs

    An easy, concise but comprehensive introductory course, serving as a starting point for obtaining knowledge of NTMs as well as an overview of UNCTAD’s work on the topic.
  4. Tailor-made courses on NTMs and related topics

    Exclusively offered on demands from governments, or to response to urgent topic, such as the introductory course on NTMs and their relevance to the coronavirus pandemic 2019.

Since 2014, UNCTAD has offered annual online courses on NTMs and certified almost 700 graduates from over 100 countries.

UNCTAD’s experts on NTMs have organized face-to-face training for governments worldwide in various projects. In recent years, we have provided training to government officials in the Pacific islands, countries in the African Continental Free Trade Area, and ASEAN bloc.