UNCTAD's contribution to the BAPA+40 process

The Second High-level United Nations Conference on South South Cooperation (BAPA+40), will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 20-22 March 2019. The theme of the conference is "The role of SSC and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda: challenges and opportunities"

In its resolution 71/243 the UN General Assembly "reiterates that the United Nations development system should mainstream and enhance its support to South-South and triangular cooperation, at the request and with the ownership and leadership of developing countries, through a system-wide approach" (para. 23). UNCTAD is part of this United Nations Development Group.

What is South-South Cooperation?

South-South Cooperation is a general term often used to describe the exchange of resources, technology and knowledge between developing countries (who are sometimes referred to as the global south). 

 So South-South Cooperation is a general term to describe political, economic, social, cultural, environmental or technical cooperation or collaboration between countries of the global south.

South-South Cooperation  
Its role in the 2030 Agenda

It is clearly anticipated that South-South cooperation will make an increasingly important contribution to the implementation of 2030 Agenda. Across the full spectrum of the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) the importance of South-South cooperation is evident. Whether the issue is sustainable agriculture (Goal 2) and fishing (Goal 14), infrastructural development (Goal 9) such as clean water and sanitation (Goal 6) or sustainable and affordable energy (Goal 7) or economic growth (Goal 8) the potential role for South-South Cooperation is clear. Furthermore, Goal 17 calls for a strengthening of 'the means of implementation' and a revitalization of 'the global partnership for sustainable development'. Here too, the importance of South-South cooperation is apparent across a range of issues from finance, technology, national capacity building to trade and enhanced information - all with a view to improving development management and policy coherence.



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