Investment Policy Reviews

UNCTAD´s Investment Policy Reviews provide an objective evaluation of the country´s legal, regulatory and institutional framework for FDI to attract increased foreign and direct investment, as well as how to maximize the benefits from it.

The review includes FDI entry and establishment, treatment and protection of investment, taxation, the business environment and sectoral regulations.

The strategic analysis is tailored to country needs. Recommendations are concrete and action-oriented.

Investment Policy Reviews  


Flag of Angola
09 September 2019Angola to reform business climate to boost investment in agribusiness
07 March 2019Lebanon moves on investment climate reforms
Flag of Lebanon
05 December 2018FDI gains strengthen Lebanon's position as a regional hub
Flag of Cabo Verde
04 December 2018Cabo Verde seeks 'all-inclusive' economic development
21 November 2017South-East Europe economies pursue cooperation on investment policy
21 November 2017The Gambia targets foreign investment and entrepreneurship to create jobs
The Gambia
13 April 2017The Gambia welcomes UNCTAD’s recommendations to improve the investment climate
21 November 2016Job creation in South East Europe needs reform and harmonization of investment policies
Flag of Tajikistan
17 November 2016Agribusiness, textiles, and tourism offer job opportunities for Tajikistan
Flag of Kyrgyzstan
17 November 2016Investors see opportunity in Kyrgyzstan
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Investment Policy Review of South-East Europe

The Investment Policy Review of South-East Europe is the first regional IPR undertaken by UNCTAD.

It covers seven economies: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Republic of Moldova*, Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo**.

* As a participant to the SEE Investment Committee's Working Group on Investments and Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) Signatory, at the request of the CEFTA and Regional Cooperation Council Secretariats, the Republic of Moldova is also included in the regional study, even though it is not directly encompassed by the SEE 2020 Strategy.
** United Nations Administrative Region, Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).


Investment Policy Review of South-East Europe


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