Trade in Goods

UNCTAD monitors trends, analyzes policy and builds analytical capacity for making international trade an engine for sustainable development


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognises that international trade plays a fundamental role in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, creating jobs, raising incomes and enhancing welfare of peoples.

Harnessing trade for sustainable development requires a better understanding of trade, trade policy and international trading system.

UNCTAD supports developing countries in this area by monitoring trade in goods, conducting research and analysis on trade policy and regulations e.g. tariffs and non-tariff measures, and building analytical capacity of policymakers, trade negotiators and researchers.



29 June 2018Analysis of trade regulations data flags important new findings
09 May 2018Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan strengthen trade competitiveness
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22 December 2016Better access to G20 markets could boost exports from poorest countries by 15%

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