Analyzing ICT Trends and Policies: The Information Economy Report

UNCTAD monitors trends and policies related to the information economy in order to assist member States in staying up-to-date with developments in the ever evolving ICT landscape and preparing adequate policy responses.

The main outlet for UNCTAD’s research and policy analysis in this area is the Information Economy Report (IER).

The IER is one of few annual global publications that monitor ICT trends from a development perspective. It is an important tool for dissemination of data and analysis related to ICT and development, and it provides policy guidance.

The IER informs policymakers and other stakeholders about relevant trends, in particular with regard to the access to, use and impact of ICT in developing countries.

Key research areas include implications of the “digital divide”, the impact of ICT on productivity and poverty alleviation, ICTs as an enabler for private sector development and international trade in ICT goods and services.




Information Economy Report 2015 (Overview) (UNCTAD/IER/2015 (Overview))
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Information Economy Report 2013 (Overview) (UNCTAD/IER/2013 (Overview))
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Information Economy Report 2012 (Overview) (UNCTAD/IER/2012 (Overview))
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