E-commerce and the Digital Economy

The speed at which the digital economy is unfolding, and the significant gaps that exist in terms of the ability and readiness of countries, businesses and individuals to engage in it, call for increased global support for capacity-building and technical assistance activities to developing countries, and especially to the least developed ones.

UNCTAD through its E-commerce and Digital Economy Programme is uniquely placed to address the cross-cutting development implications of e-commerce and digitalization. By providing leading-edge research and analysis, technical cooperation, and global platforms for multi-stakeholder policy dialogues in a holistic and integrated approach, helps to rationalize efforts to ensure that the digital economy brings inclusive and sustainable development.



Digital Economy Report 2019
04 September 2019Global efforts needed to spread digital economy benefits, UN report says
Flag of Bandladesh
25 July 2019Bangladesh creates fertile ground for e-commerce growth
25 June 2019Lesotho ready to channel its growth to go digital







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