Transport Policy and Legislation

PolicyLegislation.jpgAs part of its mandate on trade logistics, UNCTAD carries out substantive research and analysis on a wide range of legal and policy issues affecting transport and trade.

Where appropriate, formal and informal meetings convened by UNCTAD also provide an important forum for discussion of relevant issues by member States, public and private sector stakeholders and other experts.

Advice and guidance on legal and policy issues is provided upon request.

For further information, see also the Division on Technology and Logistics Activity reports: 2012, 2011 and 2010.

For an historical overview of UNCTAD's activities in the field of shipping, see Beyond Conventional Wisdom in Development Policy: An intellectual history of UNCTAD 1964-2004 (at pp.73-80).

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SDG 13
10 May 2019Why the transport sector needs to adapt to climate change
25 April 2019The urgency of adapting transport infrastructure to climate change
Goal 9
25 April 2019Urgent need for climate adaptation in transport, say experts
COP 24
07 December 2018Risk to trade if ports not climate change proofed
SDG 13
20 November 2018Q&A: Shipping and the environment
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