8th Trade Policy Dialogue: Trade finance under COVID-19

8th Trade Policy Dialogue: Trade finance under COVID-19
18 January 2022
10:00 - 11:00 hrs.

Experience of development banks, export-import banks and export credit insurers in
developing countries


International trade showed signs of a strong recovery in the third quarter of 2021, yet the pace of growth remained uneven across countries and regions.

Trade flows continued to increase more strongly for developed economies than for developing ones. One of the possible reasons for the delayed trade recovery in developing countries is the lack of sufficient and adequate provision of trade finance – export credit, export guarantee, and export/import insurance.

A recent estimate by the International Chamber of Commerce suggests a global gap of around US$ 2.5 trillion to US$ 5 trillion to adequately meet the demand for trade finance in the post-COVID recovery period up to 2025.

How significant is the lack of trade finance in developing countries and LDCs? The session seeks to shed light on the specific situations of trade finance in these economies.

Key questions

  • What challenges do the providers of trade finance face in developing countries?
  • How have these institutions sought to address the challenges associated with trade finance?
  • How can the international community, including through regional cooperation, help address trade finance challenges?

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