Information Economy Report 2015

Unlocking the Potential of E-commerce for Developing Countries
quoteThis is a very important contribution...the type of reports and approaches that we expect to see from UNCTADquote
H.E. Mr. Alexander Mora
Minister of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica
quoteThe Information Economy Report 2015 examines in great detail the importance of electronic commerce for development and shows by practical examples how ICT can be harnessed for sustainable developmentquote
H.E. Ms Päivi Kairamo
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN in Geneva
quote...a well-structured report, solidly based on hard data, and enriched with pertinent recommendations, strategies and policies to promote the development of e-commercequote
Mr Santiago Gutierrez
Chairman, World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)

The 2015 edition of Information Economy Report examines electronic commerce, and shows in detail how information and communications technologies can be harnessed to support economic growth and sustainable development.

Electronic commerce continues to grow both in volume and geographic reach, and is increasingly featured in the international development agenda, including in the World Summit on the Information Society outcome documents and in the outcome of the ninth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization.

The Information Economy Report 2015 highlights how some of the greatest dynamism in electronic commerce can be found in developing countries, but that potential is far from fully realized.

The report examines opportunities and challenges faced by enterprises in developing countries that wish to access and use e-commerce.

It highlights the latest market trends, benchmarks country performances with the UNCTAD E-commerce Index, reviews examples of e-commerce in rural areas and low-income countries, addresses relevant legal issues and provides policy recommendations.

As the world looks ahead to implementing a new agenda for the next generation of our development work, I commend this report to all those seeking to help unlock the potential of e-commerce for developing countries.

Ban Ki-moon
BAN Ki-moon
United Nations