CSTD Dialogue

CSTD Dialogue

Science, technology and innovation can be catalysts for achieving the sustainable development goals.

Whether its scaling renewable energy solutions, offering new options for sustainable production or developing better, more accessible health responses, policy-makers now have powerful tools to design and plan strategies to overcome some of the world's biggest challenges. Yet, as with any opportunity, there are risks.

Considering the rapid pace of technological change, we see a need to think through what is required to guide these advances in a way that ensures the social, economic and environmental benefits are as inclusive as possible.

What must be done to ensure that the potential offered by science, technology and innovation towards achieving the SDGs is ultimately realized?

In the context of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development, the CSTD Dialogue brings together leaders and experts to address this question and contribute to rigorous thinking on the opportunities and challenges of STI in several crucial areas including gender equality, food security and poverty reduction.