World Investment Report

The World Investment Report focuses on trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide, at the regional and country levels and emerging measures to improve its contribution to development.

It also provides analysis on global value chains and the operations of multinational enterprises, with special attention to their development implications.

Overviews of the report are available in all official UN languages.

Every issue of the Report has:
  • Analysis of the trends in FDI during the previous year, with especial emphasis on the development implications.

  • Ranking of the largest transnational corporations in the world.

  • In-depth analysis of a selected topic related to FDI.

  • Policy analysis and recommendations.

  • Statistical annex with data on FDI flows and stocks at the country level.


Global foreign direct investment flows over the last 30 years


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World Investment Report 2022


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Uncertain recovery: Where's investment going?

In the fourth episode of The Weekly Tradecast, we talk to James Zhan, UNCTAD's director of investment and enterprise, about trends in foreign investment.

The UN's recent World Investment Report says the good news for development is that foreign direct investment recovered to pre-pandemic levels last year and generally benefited all regions. But this year is not looking as promising, with food and fuel prices high and financing getting tighter.

James, who leads the team that produced the report, says everyone is feeling the pinch but we must help the poorest who are being hit the hardest.

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Country Fact Sheets 2022

These Country Fact Sheets contain the most relevant indicators about FDI in a country. Each sheet contains the most recent data on FDI flows and stocks, mergers and acquisitions, largest TNCs and regulatory changes.

Regional Fact Sheet

Regional Trends