Promoting Economic Development in Africa

UNCTAD examines African economic development from global context, builds consensus at the international level on the challenges facing the African countries, and assists in the mobilization of international support measures to promote economic development in Africa.

Despite impressive growth, African countries continue to grapple with the challenges of poverty, unemployment, inequality, commodity dependence and environmental degradation.

UNCTAD assists African countries in addressing these development challenges through research and policy analysis, capacity development, advisory services, and consensus building.


UNCTAD collaborates with leading African institutions such as the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

Main outputs
  • Economic Development in Africa Report (EDAR)
  • Disseminate findings and policy recommendations of EDAR
  • Preparation of Report on UNCTAD’s activities in favour of Africa


Flag of mali
31 July 2019Partenariat CNUCED-Mali : développer le tourisme et contribuer à la paix
24 July 2019UNCTAD, TradeMark East Africa extend deal to ease trade
26 June 2019Rules of Origin Key to Success of African Continental Free Trade Area
Goal 8
01 February 2019Mission to unlock Africa's services sector
05 October 2018Redefining African Migration
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