Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

T07.pngUNCTAD's work on harnessing international trade in promoting sustained growth and inclusive development includes as a key aspect, support to developing countries in taking advantages of emerging opportunities for trade associated with the protection, promotion and preservation of the environment and sustainable development objectives generally, while minimizing potential adverse impacts. This work is carried out by the Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch of DITC.

Through research and analysis, intergovernmental deliberations and consensus building, and technical assistance, as well as partnerships and networks with an array of stakeholders, the Branch works to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to formulate and implement mutually supportive trade, environment and sustainable development objectives; integrate sustainable development and poverty reduction objectives in development strategies at all levels, including the need to address climate change implications inter alia by promoting climate-friendly trade and production strategies including in green sectors; and support the effective participation of developing countries in international deliberations on trade and environment.


 Meetings and Events

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
06 Apr 2020Briefing on the 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference: The trade, technology and development perspectiveGenevaSwitzerland
06 Mar 2020UNCTAD joins event at Harvard bridging theory and practice on circular economyCambridge, MassachusettsUnited States of America
03-04 Mar 2020Second National Stakeholder Workshop: Discussion and validation of an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Barbados. Toward a sustainable tuna value chainBridgetownBarbados
04-05 Dec 2019Second Regional Coordination Workshop on BioTrade and Access and Benefit-Sharing in the Mekong RegionHanoiViet Nam
04-05 Dec 2019Second National Stakeholder Workshop: Discussion and validation of an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Belize. Marine finfish species and seafood manufacturingBelize CityBelize
28 Nov 2019Inter-Agency Joint Plan of Action (IAPoA) for achieving the trade related targets of SDG 14. UNCTAD-FAO-UNEP Side-Event to the FAO Sub-Committee on Fish Trade (COFI:FT)VigoSpain
25-29 Nov 2019NGER training workshop on coffee and tropical fruits in Uíge province, AngolaUíge, Uíge ProvinceAngola
21-22 Nov 2019National Workshop: harnessing agricultural trade for sustainable development and food securityLilongweMalawi
30-31 Oct 2019Second National Stakeholder Workshop: Discussion and validation of an Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Costa RicaPuntarenasCosta Rica
09 Sep 2019Online Briefing on WTO negotiations and implications for the design of Oceans Economy and Trade Strategies (OETS)GenevaSwitzerland
09-13 Sep 2019UN Trade Forum: SDGs and Climate ChangeGenevaSwitzerland
04 Jul 2019WTO A4T Side Event: Moving beyond SPS and TBT - Challenges of the Green MarketGenevaSwitzerland
02 Jul 2019Webinar – BioTrade and Access and Benefit-Sharing: Issues and Experiences in Implementation
26 Jun 2019Stakeholder Consultations on Draft Oceans Economy and Trade Strategies Report for Costa RicaPuntarenasCosta Rica
17-21 Jun 2019NGER training workshop on honey and timber in Moxico province, AngolaLuena, Moxico provinceAngola
13 Jun 2019Towards an Inter-agency Plan of Action for achieving the trade-related targets of Sustainable Development Goal 14GenevaSwitzerland
11-12 Jun 2019SWITCH Africa Green Regional Sector Meeting on Integrated Waste ManagementAccraGhana
06 Jun 2019A viable circular economy needs sustainable manufacturingHelsinkiFinland
04 Jun 2019Presentation of upcoming funding opportunities under the SMEP programme at World Circular Economy Forum 2019HelsinkiFinland
20 May 2019High-level Luncheon on the Creative Economy and the Future of WorkNew YorkUnited States of America
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21 January 2020Promoting biodiversity-friendly trade in the Mekong region
Flag of Belize
13 December 2019Belize seeks to diversify, add value to seafood exports
01 November 2019Costa Rica on course for a vibrant and inclusive blue economy
03 October 20195 ways you can use your buying power to protect our biodiversity
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20 September 2019World needs fairer and more sustainable trade, not less trade
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