Coronavirus (COVID-19) : News, Analysis and Resources

UNCTAD is monitoring the effects of the global pandemic on manufacturing, trade, foreign direct investment and economic growth.

Analysis and Resources
 COVID-19 requires gender-equal responses to save economies
Written by
Isabelle Durant, Deputy Secretary-General, and Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Director, Division on International Trade and Commodities, UNCTAD
 Ports on frontline of fight against COVID-19
Various countries have taken measures to protect staff working in port communities and ensure the continuity of ports' operations.
 UN calls for $2.5 trillion coronavirus crisis package for developing countries
The consequences of a combined health pandemic and a global recession will be catastrophic for many developing countries and halt their progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
 Coronavirus could cut global investment by 40%, new estimates show
An updated UNCTAD analysis reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on foreign direct investment will be more dramatic than previously projected.

Support for Mitigation and Recovery

UNCTAD stands ready to provide a range of technical cooperation products that can help countries put in place the policies, regulations and institutional frameworks as well as mobilize the resources needed to mitigate or recover from the impacts of COVID-19.


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