Regional training workshop for satellite crop monitoring using the CropWatch system

07 - 10 August 2023
Hotel Ambre
, Mauritius

Crop monitoring with earth observation on a massive scale is neither easy nor inexpensive, and requires access to specialized tools. However, the technology holds immense potential for better food security planning and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, notably Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

UNCTAD in collaboration with AIR CAS, FAREI and ANSO is organizing a regional workshop to bring together technicians, policymakers and other stakeholders from beneficiary developing countries to receive training to use the CropWatch system. Across the four days of training provided by AIR CAS’s experts, participants will be given access to the technology (both during and after the programme) and will be provided with training to use it, including being taught how to customize it to specific local requirements.

The CropWatch Innovative Cooperation Programme (CropWatch ICP) has the objective of giving developing countries access to these technologies, developed by AIR CAS, free of charge and indefinitely while training national experts to use them and implement them in their home countries. The intended outcome of the training and the CropWatch programme is to enable developing countries to improve food security through advanced crop monitoring. National experts will receive training to use the technology, enabling them to put it to use and to train further local stakeholders to use it.

Opening session

Photos from the event

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Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (AIR CAS) and the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute, Mauritius (FAREI), UNCTAD
Sponsor / funding:
The Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO)

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