Multi-year Expert meeting on Trade, Services and Development, eleventh session

Multi-year Expert meeting on Trade, Services and Development, eleventh session
10 - 12 July 2024
Room XVII, Palais des Nations
, Switzerland

The Multi-year Expert Meeting on Trade, Services and Development is a long-standing platform designed to examine the role of trade in services in economic diversification and sustainable development.

The multi-year expert meeting provides a forum for sharing national and regional experiences and for promoting international cooperation.

Trade in creative services

The eleventh session of the Multi-year Expert Meeting on Trade, Services and Development will open at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday, 10 July 2024 in Room XVII, with a focus on trade in creative services.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for experts to exchange views and good practices on new and emerging issues related to trade in creative services. At the session, discussions will focus on trends in the international trade of creative services and the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence on creative services, including opportunities, challenges and implications for policy.

The overall focus of the meeting is on harnessing trade in services for economic diversification, one of the four transformations highlighted in the Bridgetown Covenant.

Findings from the discussion will contribute to answering the call in subparagraphs 127 (ee) and (ff) of the Bridgetown Covenant on promoting activities in developing countries through trade in services.


This meeting is open to all member States of UNCTAD. Other organizations, including specialized agencies, intergovernmental bodies and non-governmental organizations in the general and special categories, as well as academia, research institutions and the private sector, may participate as observers.

Inputs from experts

Experts nominated by member States are encouraged to submit brief papers (approximately 5-12 pages) as contributions to the work of the meeting. The papers will be made available at the session in the form and language in which they are received.

Papers should be submitted to the UNCTAD secretariat in advance of the meeting, addressed to

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