National multi-stakeholder consultations in the context of the eTrade Readiness Assessment of Peru

04 - 06 October 2022
Hotel Miraflores Park Lima
, Peru

The Secretariat of Government and Digital Transformation of Peru and UNCTAD are organizing three days of national multistakeholder consultations in preparation for the country’s eTrade Readiness Assessment (eT Ready).

The consultations will bring together a wide range of participants, including government entities, private sector actors, academic institutions and development partners resident in Peru, including the United Nations Country Team mobilized through the UN Resident Coordinator Office. The objective is to discuss the country’s challenges and opportunities in each of the seven policy areas of the eTrade for all initiative, with a view to assessing the status of e-commerce in Peru and its potential contribution to national economic development and regional integration. Additionally, the consultations will offer an opportunity to strengthen the public-private dialogue and improve coordination among e-commerce stakeholders.

The eTrade Readiness Assessment of Peru is being conducted with the technical and financial support of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

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06 Oct 2022

UNCTAD y la Secretaría de Gobierno y Transformación Digital de la Presidencia de Ministros
Sponsor / funding:
Secretaría de Estado para Asuntos Económicos (SECO) de la Confederación Suiza

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Rodrigo Saavedra, Associate Programme Management Officer